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My Name is Dr Kumar Sanjay. I started my Journey in Astrology from a very young age of 14 years. I got interested in God, their creations, Vedic and Astrology. I decided my future and did PHD in Astrology. I saw the health problems of many people that are not solving, and I did Medical Astrology. My mission is to connect as many as people to Indian Vedic Astrology by solving their problems. 

विभिन्न प्रयोजनों के लिए उत्तम और लाभकारी यन्त्र

सभी राशियों के लिए उत्तम भोजपत्र यन्त्र

Talk to Dr Kumar Sanjay (P.HD in Astrology)

Consultancy & Remedies

Phone Talking, Remedies (Upaay) & Re-consultation after a month
  • Solutions/Remedies/Upaay
  • Re-consultancy after a month

Consultancy & Kundli Making

Consultancy, Remedies, Kundli Making, Match Making & Vashfal
  • Remedies/Solutions/Upaay
  • Kundli & Match Making
  • Future Vashfal will be Provided
  • Kundli Will be Provided

Premium Service

Consultancy, Remedies(Upaay), Anusthan, Mantra & & Yantra. Kundli & Perfect Match Making
  • Vedic Solutions/Remedies/Upaay
  • Anusthan & Yantra will be given
  • Re-consultation
  • Kundli & Match Making
  • Yantra, Mantra & Trantra (Given)
  • Future Vashafal will be Provided

Rudrakash - 100% Certified

Bhojpatra Yantra - 100% Certified

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