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Welcome to Astro Family Care! The following Terms & Conditions apply to the use of our website. Accessing this website, placing an order or purchasing any products listed here will bind you to follow the following terms and conditions. Whether you buy anything or not, you are bound to accept these terms when you visit this website. These terms and conditions (including any alteration, modification, change or deletion from time to time) are a contract between the user (you) and Astrofamilycare.com.

Our Quality Control

We provide 100% genuine and authentic astro products from Maharishi Parashar Jyotish Bigyan Bidyamandir institute. All of our products are tested and powered by the experienced and authorized pandits in this institute. All of these products start showing result within just 10 minutes of keeping them at home or wearing it and you can get best results within 9 days. In case you don’t get any result from any of our products, you can return it within 10 days and get full refund.

Our Content

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