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  • Who should wear 6 Facing Rudraksha?
  • Benefits of wearing 6 facing Rudraksha
  • How to Wear Six Mukhi Rudraksha?
  • Rules for Wearing 6 Face Rudraksha
  • Why buy from us?

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100% Original and Handmade Six Facing Rudraksha

The ruler of Six Mukhi Rudraksha is Lord Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva. It is one of the widely used Rudraksha beads. Kartikeya is the ruler of six senses. Hence, Six Facing Rudraksha blesses the wearer with good health, success and well-being. It also adds to the bravery, younger look and physical strength of the wearer. Venus is the ruling planet of this type of Rudraksha. It removes the malefic effects from your life.

This Rudraksha protects you from all troublesome situations. It is ruled by Lord Kartikeya, second son of Lord Shiva and Parvati and the major of celestial army. The wearer is blessed with knowledge and bravery of Lord Kartikeya.

6 Facing Rudraksha Properties

  • Ruling god – Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya
  • Ruling Planet – Venus
  • When to Wear – Monday
  • Bheej mantra – Om Hreem Hoom Namah

6 Facing Rudraksha enhances the luck and career and it helps you achieve incredible success in your career. If you want expensive watches, luxury cars, luxury condos etc, 6 Facing Rudraksha will help you achieve all these.

Who should wear 6 Facing Rudraksha?

This type of rudraksha can be worn by anyone in research work and learning like teaching, writing, art, science, politics etc.

Benefits of wearing 6 facing Rudraksha

It blesses the wearer to meet all of their needs and desires. It enables a person to become disciplined, virtuous, and good at heart and to perform good activities. This bead is actually ruled by Venus. It is effective to save wearer from sorrows. It is a sacred bead suitable for editors, managers, businessmen etc. You will automatically become quiet and calm like a moon by wearing this holy bead.

This type of Rudraksha is capable to control the annoyance, anger, and feeling of depression and over excitement. 6 Mukhi Rudraksha improves the healthy elements of body to bring the cosmic energies of Devi Shakti. It is the provider of fulfillment in all assignments. It also cures all kinds of mental illnesses. It is a sacred bead which improves communication skills, artistic talent, and expressive power. It also makes the wearer good debater and speaker. It also helps remove the ill effects of mental disorders. This is a sacred bead which improves communication skills, artistic skills, and expressive power and makes you a good debater and speaker. It also helps remove the ill effects of Venus. It also helps you to achieve a happy married life.

How to Wear Six Mukhi Rudraksha?

The ideal time to wear this Rudraksha is Friday morning when Brahma muhurat is on. It can be worn with silver, gold, or yellow thread with other beads. It can be purified with Panchamrit and Ganga Jal and Bheej mantra is chanted 108 times before wearing it. Men can wear it in right hand and women in left hand.

Rules for Wearing 6 Face Rudraksha

You can pair six face rudraksha with four face rudraksha if you want to achieve excellence in education. Chant Bheej mantra “Om Hreem Hum Namah” and Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra at least 9 times in evening and morning while wearing it. Don’t indulge in wrong deeds and acts while wearing it. Worship Lord Shiva at home once a week at least or visit Lord Shiva temple every day.

Why buy from us?

We are one of the trusted and reliable sources to buy 100% handmade and authentic Six Face Rudraksha which is energized by cosmic energies by our renowned Acharya. All of the original Six Facing Rudrakshas are sourced directly from the dense forests of Nepal. These beads are energized with unique Puranic and Vedic mantras before dispatching them to you. This way, you will get maximum results from these holy beads.


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