Siddha Shree Lakshmi Kuber bisa Yantram

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The God of Wealth, Lord Kubera is the king of nature spirits “Yakshas”. Vedic scriptures define Kuber as the custodian of Universal wealth distributed by Goddess Lakshmi and treasurer of gods. He represents prosperity, wealth and glory.

Lord Kubera maintains, distributes and guards all the universal treasures. The Guardian of Wealth, Lord Kubera is known to be the symbol of Artha (glory, wealth, and prosperity) and Arthashastras, as explained in Vishnu Dharmottara Purana.

Why Do You Need Kuber Yantra?

Install Kuber Yantra in your office or home to gain wealth and protect the existing one. Kuber Yantra is a holy instrument which has the symbol of simple geometric elements arranged in symmetric pattern which resonates with positive vibes and powers of Lord Kuber. The yantra can attract Lord Kuber principles and blesses devotees with ample wealth and prosperity, and protects his wealth.

How to get the most of Lakshmi Kuber Bisa Yantra?

Shree Lakshmi Kuber Bisa Yantra is the energized yantra which brings all the comforts and wealth in life. You can keep it in almirah locker, cash box, purse, or even in temple after worship “Pran Pratistha”. It brings wealth and success with regular chanting of mantra and worshipping.

Why Lakshmi Kuber Yantra is made on Bhojpatra?

According to Shastras, Yantras should be written on ‘Bhoj Patra’ because these are very powerful to achieve their specified task. It is because Bhojpatra is processed from layers of Bhoj tree, which has been used since ancient period. Yantra made in Bhojpatra is considered to be very powerful.

How to Install Shree Lakshmi Kuber Bisa Yantra?

Watch out for direction when it comes to install Lakshmi Kuber Bisa Yantra. The location you install this yantra in will be energized. So, it is wise to place this yantra at the entrance of your office, home, shop, or in reception, living room, office cabin, or study room.

You may use it as wall hanging or keep it on the table. It is best to place this yantra in East facing west. The rays of rising sun will energize it with divine vibes of the East and transforms positive energies to the dwelling with its mystical geometric patterns.

How does it work?

  • Shree Lakshmi Kuber Yantra forms vibration of resonance or amplitude with benefic cosmic energies.
  • The vibration gets in touch with highly elevated entities and energies to put us on spiritual journey with principles of deity of the yantra.
  • Some symbols are printed and engraved on the Kuber Yantra, including six-pointed star (Shatkorna) and divine lotus (Padma) with numbers.
  • The Shatkorna represents two triangles meeting in the yantra. It shows holy unification of Lord Shiva and Shakti and Padma represents Lotus.
  • Lotus is defined as a divine emblem of purity in the chakras.
  • Lotus is a divine seat for the gods and represents endless force of Supreme Truth, i.e. detachment.
  • Lotus is a flower which grows in the mud but never gets dirty. It represents being detached to the materialistic world and maintains original, pure and divine nature.


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