Shree Chandra Yantram

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  • Brings peace of mind, emotional stability and harmony
  • Improves bliss, self-confidence and contentment
  • Improve inner strength and relationships

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Also known as Chandra in Vedic science, the moon is the symbol of fertility, harmony, and mental stability. Soma, the Moon God is Son of Anusuya and Sage Atri. Chandra, which means nectar, is the lunar god and celestial body, which is very powerful in Vedic astrology.  The Moon God holds a mace in one hand and lotus in another. He is often seen in white color and seated on chariot which is led by 10 white horses.

The Moon God or Chandra represents the subconscious mind of human and he gives life force, according to Hindu scriptures. The moon represents fertility and human mind. It is well known for influencing intuitive and imaginative nature of humans. Worshiping Lord Chandra helps in avoiding all the sorrows in life. It improves mental and emotional well-being and self-confidence. The soothing rays of Chandra are known to spread happiness.

Why buy Chandra Yantra?

Shree Chandra Yantra helps maintain peace of mind and mental stability.  It is a powerful yantra energized well to radiate its valuable powers. You can place it in your home temple, in your wallet, or on your workplace. When moon is malefic on your horoscope or chart, you can keep this Chandra Yantra in your home or pocket to avoid its negative effects. It blesses the devotee with friendship, respect, and opportunities. Install the Chandra Yantra when moon rises on Monday, along with image or idol of Lord Shiva. Chandra Yantra is also used to meditate on Lord Chandra. It helps improve mental stability and focus.

How Chandra Yantra Works?

The divine power of Chandra Yantra lies in the sound of cosmic energies. It pitches your mind to the creative energy when you focus at the core of this yantra and promotes the flow of energy. It is the ultimate answer to have the power of resonance and large amplitude with positive cosmic energies. It generates the vibes and introduces us to highly elevated entities and energies to get into the spiritual path which resonates with the power of Lord Chandra.


Be sure to place this yantra in the right direction. It adds energy to the place where it is installed. It may be placed around the entrance of office, home, shop, reception, living room, office cabin, or study room. You may also hang it onto the wall or place it in the table. It is best to place the yantra in east so it will be facing the west. Yantra will generate vibes and aura of positivity around it.

Benefits of Chandra Yantra

Indian astrology follows lunar cycle. Hence, position of moon can affect behavior and personality of a person in a horoscope. In the horoscope, a strong moon can improve mental health and personality, while weak moon can lead to anxiety, depression, mood swings, and stress. So, it is best to install Chandra Yantra to calm down its ill effects.


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