Shree Budh Yantram

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  • Protects against all types of sorrows and health issues
  • Improves intelligence, communication skills, and creativity
  • Offers presence of mind and wit
  • Improves skills in business
  • Improves learning ability

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Planet Budh is one of the major celestial elements worshipped by Hindus. Mercury or Budh is the son of Lord Chandra. According to Rigveda, Mercury is associated with Lord Vishnu. Mercury or Budh is known to be the lord of humor, intellect, wit and fine arts. Planet Budh is known to influence ability to gain excellence in astrology and mathematics. Lord Budh is depicted to have yellow clothes and skin and he sits on lion’s back, according to Puranas. Worshipping Lord Budh can help you solve all career and education related problems.

About Budh Yantra

There are different benefits of using Budh Yantra, especially when Mercury is malefic. It is good for those who want to develop intelligence, communication skills and creativity. It is advised to keep Budh Yantra around pregnant women to avoid miscarriage, abortion, and other associated problems, and ensure safe delivery of child. If mercury is malefic in your horoscope or zodiac sign, you might suffer intense ups and downs in your marital life or relationships.

Install Budh Yantra on rising moon on Wednesday. Those who have speech problems and who stammer should offer prayers to Budh Yantra every day. The great dasha lasts 17 years. So, place this Budh Yantra in puja altar and worship it every day in this phase to achieve best results.

Why to use Budh Yantra?

Install Budh Yantra in youre office, home, or even wear it to improve intelligence, communication skills, wit, and presence of mind. It helps achieve success in business. Budh Yantra is a holy tool which brings positive vibes and powers of Mercury. It has mystical diagram which can attract powers of Lord Budh. It resonates with positive vibes of Lord Budh and blesses you with supreme intelligence, communication skills, rational thinking and success.

How Budh Yantra helps in Meditation?

You can also use Budh Yantra for meditation over Lord Budh. It improves mental stability and focus and also helps achieve union with god. Its geometric visualization enables you to align with divine energy. It connects you to the cosmic energy with resonance.

Benefits of Budh Yantra

Budha (Mercury) is said to be the ruler of Zodiac signs – Gemini and Virgo. It is also known as the fourth planet among 9 astrological planets (Navgrahas). Lord Vishnu is the leading deity of Mercury. Wednesday is the ideal day to worship Mercury.

Mercury influences and improves communication skills of an individual with several other intellectual qualities, according to astrology. Mercury also rules air element. It also has strong influence on decision power, reasoning, and differentiating behavior of an individual. Budh god controls the subconscious mind, ability to discriminate, and actions taken.


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