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  • What is Rudraksha Mala?
  • How to wear and how many beads are on Rudraksha Mala?
  • Benefits of Rudraksha Malas
  • How to Wear Rudraksha Mala?
  • How to choose the Best Rudraksha?

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Rudraksha is basically a seed of a tree which grows in mountains in South Asia, particularly in Himalayas in India and Terai of Nepal, and Burma, and in Thailand and Indonesia in South East Asia. Rudraksha trees are found in the regions of Nilgiri Mountain in South India. But the seeds are found in Himalayan ranges and these are known to be the best quality due to the effects of atmosphere and soil.

What is Rudraksha Mala?

Rudraksha bead comes from the tears of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva spent 1000 years of medication and his tears dropped from his eyes and landed on the earth and the holy Rudraksha tree was born. Rudra is another name of Lord Shiva and Aksha is basically the letter of Varna, a Sanskrit alphabet and it can be inferred as seed in which Varna reside.

Everything in the world has its own vibrations. The vibration of Rudraksha has been considered to be very helpful on the way to liberation for spiritual people. It is believed that if one wears Rudraksha for up to 3 to 6 months, it turns the one with his body. After wearing it for 2-3 years, it’s like an addition organ which improves your receptivity to grace.  All of these beads have their own importance and they are believed to have a couple of amazing powers.

How to wear and how many beads are on Rudraksha Mala?

According to Shiv Purana, adorning these Rudraksha beads as mala on specific parts of the body will give you the divine powers to heal your life and body. You should know which Rudraksha mala to wear on which part of the body.

  • Shrimad Bhagwata suggests wearing varied numbers of Rudraksha rosary beads to have great influence on your body. You should keep 50-bead Rudraksha mala around your heart. You can adorn a 20-bead mala over the head.
  • You should wrap 16-bead rudraksha mala around the forearm and 12-bead Rudraksha mala to be tied across the wrist. Wearing Rudraksha mala of 108 beads around the neck is known to be auspicious for your soul.
  • You can use 108-bead mala for jaap to seek the divine blessings which are similar to holding Ashwamedh Yagya, as suggested by Shrimad Devdhav Bhagwat. Using 108-bead Rudraksha mala to worship gives 10 times of good karma or Punya.
  • There is no auspicious jaap mala which matches the benefits and divine blessings of Rudraksha, according to Shiva Purana. Hence, one has to embrace it for worship and it should be worshiped duly and is used in chanting the mantras.
  • Anyone who respects the Rudraksha’s sanctity and wears this mala over the body ensures pious virtue and it is blessed well by Lord Shiva and all of your troubles can go away and you can fulfill your desires well.

Benefits of Rudraksha Malas

Wearing Rudraksha can definitely help you for your overall well being and health. It is helpful in different other levels.

  • If you travel a lot and eat and sleep in various places, you should wear Rudraksha mala as it creates protective shield to your energy. You may find it hard to fall asleep when you change the place. Wearing Rudraksha modulates the effects of reverberation of a place.
  • In addition, Rudraksha malas and beads were used as very helpful for ascetics in the past in order to detect the quality of drinking water. Let the mala hang over the water. Mala would rotate in clockwise direction if water is drinkable. If not, it would rotate counter-clockwise.
  • It can also determine the quality of food. There are three categories of food in yoga – zero pranic, positive and negative food. When food increases prana, it is known as positive prana, or it is negative pranic or non-pranic if it depletes prana. This way, zero-pranic food doesn’t have any impact on prana. Hold a rudraksha mala over a positive pranic food like fruits, it will rotate clockwise. If you hold it over negative pranic item like chili, it will rotate in counter clockwise motion. It doesn’t rotate on zero-pranic food item.
  • It is also helpful against some negative energy. A lot of processes are described in Atharva Veda which could be used to cause harm to other people. This way, Rudraksha can protect the person against negative energy. There is always a risk of being targeted by negative energies by mistake. Rudraksha can protect against those instances on rare events.

How to Wear Rudraksha Mala?

Beads of rudraksha are tied together in mala. Mala usually consists of 108 beads. Sometimes, 109th bead serves as a bindu. This extra bead is added so energy cannot be cyclical and to prevent dizziness.

You can wear Rudraksha every time. You can even remove it while taking shower with soap or hot water to prevent damage.

Usually, cotton or silk threads are used to tie mala but one has to change them every six months as thread is frayed gradually. You can also use silver, copper or gold thread and bind them on metal chain. But one shouldn’t bind them too hard or it can crack the beads inside. Even if one bead is cracked, whole mala will be of no use.

How to choose the Best Rudraksha?

A Rudraksha bead may have 1 to 15 faces and each has its own importance in various situations. For example, Panchamukhi or 5-faced rudraksha is good for daily-life situations for most people.

Special beads are given only by one who has proper knowledge of its properties. A rudraksha is energized as per the receiver. There are different ways to energize it in family situations and for ascetics and monks.

The five-faced or panchmukhi rudraksha is best suited for everyone despite their age and gender. It goes well with your health, overall well-being and freedom. It can control blood pressure, brings alertness and calmness in mind and body.

Six-faced beads are good for children under 12 years as it brings some focus and calmness. Usually, adults respond well to child in healthy way and give right support and attention.

Gauri Shankar is a type of Rudraksha which can activate and balance Pingala and Ida in the body. It also brings prosperity which may not be related to material wealth. If a person is sensible and balance prosperity is achieved in various ways.

A two-mukhi Rudraksha or Dwimukhi is used by a married couple. The smaller the bead is, the more potent its effect and energy on your body. You may also find spathika beads which are white in color. They help very much to cool down the body.

Where to find genuine Rudraksha Malas?

rudraksh mala

A lot of Rudraksha trees were cut down in India during British times to produce Railway sleepers with timbers when tracks were laid in Himalayan ranges. The numbers of Rudraksha trees had been down significantly. Hence, a lot of Rudraksha beads are imported from Nepal to India.

Traditionally, identifying and selling Rudraksha beads were done only by families who are in this profession from generations. These days, with the growing popularity of Rudraksha, there is huge demand since the 1960s. So, there is huge risk of getting fake Rudraksha due to blatant commercialism.

If you are looking for Rudraksha, you should rely on only genuine suppliers like us. We energize it and provide it with proper certification. You shouldn’t buy it on your own if you don’t have knowledge from anywhere else. Some people even buy badraksha unknowingly instead of Rudraksha. Badraksha is a toxic seed of a tree which looks almost similar to that of Rudraksha. It causes opposite impact on someone’s life. This kind of seed actually entered in the beginning of Kali Yuga. It is the lowest of four ages, i.e. Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga, and Kali Yuga.


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