Mesh Rashi Bhojpatra Yantra

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  • Who should keep this Yantra?
  • About Mesh Rashi and its effects
  • Why to use Mesh Rashi Kavach?
  • How Mesh Rashi Kavach is made?

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Mesh Rashi Bhojpatra Yantra – 100% Handmade and Unique

Made on Bhojpatra, this auspicious yantra for Aries (Mesha) Zodiac sign is very effective. It is also used to please Mangal (Mars) planet. Mars is the symbol of Fire (Agni) tatva. If Mangal is weak in birth chart, it causes issues related to nervous system, blood pressure, marriage and paralysis. Mars Bhojpatra yantra is recommended if Mars is in malefic situation in your kundli to relieve its malefic effects. This yantra for Mesh Rashi blesses the devotee with good health, wealth, and reputation.

Who should keep this Yantra?

This Bhojpatra Yantra for Mesh Rashi has been charged by chanting Mesh Rashi mantra. People who are born under Mesh rashi should keep this yantra in their purse or pocket.

About Mesh Rashi and its effects

Mesha is the primary sign of Zodiac calendar which is the symbol of raw energy of life. This sign is the symbol of egocentricity and innocence of newborn and it is spontaneous, impulsive and self-oriented. This sign is also the sign of Lord Rama who is fearless and courageous all the time. People born with Aries live their life in their own way, usually not willing to compromise on their ideals, beliefs and ideas.

When these people set to achieve one thing, they ensure that they achieve it, no matter what. But there is a problem. When their unbreakable enthusiasm backfires, they easily lose interest as they had gained so. Many Aries people fail when maintaining the tempo till the end. These energetic, high-spirited and optimistic people are ready to start where even angels fear to start. They are known to deal with challenges and tough jobs with great enthusiasm.

Why to Use Mesh Rashi Kavach?

Aries may also react in physical solution in all things which can sometimes make them seem dominating. The best part is that Aries removes anger and frustration rapidly and Aries people become a loveable person again. They have passionate and emotional nature due to which they can make strong reactions but they don’t usually mean wrong. Loving nature of Lord Rama flatters everyone.  Actually, Aries have passionate and emotional nature due to which they can make strong reactions but they don’t mean wrong. Their impulsive and impatient nature sometimes turns off others.

These people are pleasant, charming and brave and Aries can become great leaders as they are taught to be calm and diplomatic.

Well, it takes a lot of focus to become a great leader. But when focusing on a specific activity or project and dealing with a lot of details for a specific time frame, Aries cannot handle it. The problem is they lose interest too easily which is not good for their career growth. So, this Mesh Rashi kavach will help them to grow in their profession.

How Mesh Rashi Kavach is made?

It is a very powerful talisman to prevent the malefic effects of planets and grab positive vibes in the area of wealth, money and finances. This Kavach is specially prepared and is used as lucky charm in the form of Tabeez or locket.

This Kavach is made on 100% original Bhojpatra. Aries means the people who have moon in the Aries’ house, according to Indian Vedic Astrology. This yantra should be prepared on Bhojpatra with Ashtagandha paste and is written with pomegranate plant stick which is pointed. This special mantra has the image of yantra which should be chanted 108 times while offering incense sticks or Dhoop, some scented flowers, and lamp with pure ghee.

People who are born under Aries are not crazy or greedy about money. But they still tend to earn more and spend it. They are much likely to waste money on impulsive shopping and they urge on investments. They just care about present, not for future. Malefic planets make the native start well but they end up losing interest soon.  Those people are suggested to balance their budget properly and think again before buying anything without any reason. They are good at giving financial advice to others but they don’t implement the same on their life.


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