Maa Adisakti Maha Kavach on bhojpatra

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  • About Maa Adishakti Yantra
  • Benefits of Maa Adishakti Yantra
  • Why it is written on Bhojpatra?

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Maa Adisakti Maha Kavach on bhojpatra – 100% Original and Handmade

Maa Adishakti is another name of Goddess Durga. She is the symbol of knowledge, purity, self-realization and truth. She is a warrior goddess who is also known as Shakti. The term “Durg” refers to a fort, a fortified and protected territory which is considered safe, in Sanskrit. Durga means someone who is invincible.  She is the principle of universal affairs. She is the punisher for anti-social elements. She controls this material world which is full of miseries.

She protects the mankind from the misery and evils and the one who prays to her and believes in her can avoid all the negative forces like hatred, ego, selfishness, prejudice, and jealousy.

She is the very essence of preservation, creation and annihilation. According to the legends, she was born from the combined powers of Lord Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva to fight Mahisasura, a demon who was troubling both gods and living beings.

She has various names, avatars and divine powers. She is a multidimensional goddess who destroys the evil with her ten arms carrying one weapon each. Sati is another avatar of Durga, a symbol of sacrifice who leaves her kingdom. On the other side, she is also Kali, a goddess who is as black as night, and is always furious with necklace of skulls. She is also the beautiful Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva. Her other avatars are Annapurna, Tara, Jagadhatri, etc. She is known as the most powerful goddess of all. She appears standing with her tiger or sitting on it.

About Maa Adishakti Yantra

Maa Adishakti Yantra is very powerful yantra to worship Goddess Durga to remove all your hurdles, attain your desires, and conquer the demons and evils. These are some of the special benefits of this yantra. This yantra blesses the person with prosperity and wealth and protects against all kinds of threats and risks. It is known to be very lucky if a businessman uses it. This yantra brings prosperity and removes all hurdles on the path to success.

Benefits of Maa Adishakti Yantra

Maa Adishakti Yantra is very effective and powerful yantra which is used widely to win favor and luck in business, particularly in corporate meetings. It protects the devotee from negative effects by the evils. This yantra is widely known as the symbol of power. It can fulfill all desires, removes problems in life, and conquer evils. It bestows property and wealth and protects the individual from all dangers. It can be used by all types of people. It is energized by Durga Mantra and it is very helpful to achieve luck and fame.

Why it is written on Bhojpatra?

According to Shastras, Yantras should be written on Bhojpatra to get the most of them. Bhojpatra is made from layers of Bhoj tree, which has been used since ancient periods. This yantra looks common and it is very effective and powerful. Indian people are directed by sages to pray their deities and lords with various yantras to seek protection from all diseases and troubles, loans, service, business problems, marital problems, job, black magic etc. These yantras are energized and written on this special patra to overcome these problems.



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