Baglamukhi Bhojpatra Yantra

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Baglamukhi Bhojpatra Yantra – Significance and Importance

According to Hindu Shastras, the Bhoj Patra Yantras are the best tools for remedy to achieve the task. Bhojpatra Yantra is processed from layers of “Bhoj” tree which is used by Vedic professionals and teachers since ancient times.

Bhojpatra Yantra may look simply an object but it is the most powerful and holy source of its unusual effects from the deity. To pray their deity and lords, most people depend on rishis and munis with different Bhojpatra Yantras to seek blessing and protection from various troubles like loans, diseases, service, business, job, friendship, marriage, black magic, and children.

According to Hindu Shastras (Indian epic), Yantras are energized (pran pratistha) and written on Bhojpatra and these are the best Yantras to deal with life problems and troubles.

Use of Bhojpatra Yantra

Bhojpatra Yantra is used in the form of Taabiz (talisman) by tying it on upper arms or as pendant around the neck or just placing it in any divine area of your home like Pooja altar or by simply hanging it on the wall of your home, shop, factory or office.

You should also consider the time and place while energizing it. You should consider the auspicious time and date (shubh muhurta) to energize and write Bhojpatra Yantra. Ravimoola, Ravihasta, Ravipushya, Nakshatra, Gurupushya, Diwali, Holi, Vijayadashmi, Navratri, Moon and Solar eclipses etc. are known to be the best times to write Bhojpatra Yantras to get best results.

It is important for a devotee to take special care of pen and writing ink on the specific Bhojpatra Yantra. The auspicious ink is made of Kesar, Chandan, Kastoori, and Gorochan to write Yantra on Bhojpatra.

Significance of Bhojpatra Yantra

Common man is the victim of some kinds of scams most of the time and life gets into trouble. Yantras are known to be very beneficial for those having trouble without any reason. For example, if you want to achieve something but because of wrath of some deities and planets, you cannot reach it. So, you need a special yantra to appease the angered deity with proper anushthan to gain the desired goal.

As an example, if you are having trouble due to your rivals and are having litigation, Baglamukhi Bhojpatra Yantra is highly beneficial. This yantra is prepared with special ink on bhojpatra and it is energized when gurus chant Baglamukhi mantra.

All of the opposition and opponents of person will be subdued well by wearing Baglamukhi yantra. One should strictly adhere to the special method of wearing and preparing it. At the same time, Mahalakshmi yantra, shri yantra and other yantras are prepared with special pen and ink on Bhoj patra and energized with beej mantra.

By placing Shree yantra where you keep your money or locker in specially prescribed way, you can appease Mahalakshmi to improve your money. Some yantras are prepared on special occasions of Deepawali and Holi which work as antidote over evil forces, evil eyes and negative energies.

This yantra should be energized by chanting a mantra. Scriptures pay special emphasis on mantras and medicines. In case a pregnant lady is having trouble on childbirth, special ingredients are added in a bowl and energized by chanting specific mantra 108 times.

Why Buy from Us?

We have deep study on these Yantras which are energized and written on Bhojpatra. We have experienced panel of Vedic Professors and Astrologers who have found amazing results.

We work on all kinds of Yantras that are energized and written on Bhojpatras, Gold Plates, Copper Plates, and Silver Plates. Bhojpatra Yantras are energized for a specific person. On the other side, other Yantras are energized for common use for everyone.


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