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2 Mukhi Rudraksha – Know its Benefits, Purposes, Features and More

Lord Rudra and his wife Goddess Parvati have blessed two-faced or Do Mukhi Rudraksha as the symbol of Ardhanareshwar, the combined form of Shiva and Shakti. It is the symbol of connection of soul and consciousness. It develops peace and balance in relationships. It is blessed by Moon and it brings emotional stability. It has two faces to bless the wearer with happiness, good health, and healthy relationships with spouse and family.

Most people are having hard time in finding perfect match for marriage and some have issues in having kids. Two Mukhi Rudraksha is helpful in both scenarios. A lot of people suffer from negative thoughts and emotions. This way, Two Mukhi Rudraksha removes all your sins. According to Ancient Vedic Scriptures, this type of rudraksha removes despair, anxiety, and negative thoughts with the power of Planet Moon. You may wear it as a bracelet or pendant.

Ruling God – Sun and Moon

Ruling Planet – Moon

Mantra – Om Namaha

Benefits of Two Face Rudraksha

  • The wearer gets the blessings similar to the ones one can get by donating 108 cows.
  • It leads to an ideal balance between business partners, family relations, and friends.
  • One can achieve success in everything they do
  • It is good for people suffering from problems with left eye
  • It also resolves intestine and kidney problems
  • It also cures neurotic diseases and memory loss
  • It treats liver, urinary bladder and even breast issues
  • It energizes life, heals your mind, and helps to control emotions
  • Helps cure infertility and sexual problems.

Who Should Wear Two Mukhi Rudraksha?

  • Singles who are having problem in getting married
  • Couples who want to have children.
  • People having problems in relationships with seniors, friends, and family
  • People seeking financial gains and happiness

How to wear Two Mukhi Rudraksha?

This type of rudraksha can be cupped in gold or silver and worn with other beads or gems as per your zodiac sign. It can be worn around your right wrist or neck in a red thread. Clean it with panchamrit and Ganga Jal before wearing it initially. You need to worship it regularly and place it in puja altar.

Rules for wearing 2 Mukhi Rudraksha

You should wear this rudraksha during early morning or Brahma Muhurat on Monday. Sit on east side and keep this rudraksha on plate. Apply sandal paste on it. Chant “Om Namah” beej mantra 27 times for each face to energize it. Place it at the feet of idol of Lord Shiva and Parvati or picture and wear it. Chant the mantra 27 times before sleep.

How to identify Real Rudraksha?

Imitational rudraksha look real but it doesn’t work. It is often made of nuts or seeds of wild berry. Mukhi refers to deep lining going through the edge of Rudraksha bead. One can easily determine real Rudraksha by looking at these intense facets or linings. There are certain options to identify imitation rudraksha.

Water Test

Rare Rudraksha beads like Trijuti or Gaurishankar Rudraksha are made by joining 2 to 3 Rudraksha beads artificial methods. If you have doubt, you can place the bead in boiling water for up to 20 to 30 minutes. Sharp discoloration will occur at the joint if it is artificial. You can do another water test and bead is placed in glass of water. This test is not that reliable as a genuine or unripe rudraksha also floats in water. Fake bead made of wood and saturated with lead also sinks in water.

Eye test

The Mukh of a genuine rudraksha has deep natural partitions and look like closed lips. Sometimes thorny parts of one rudraksha over another are stick to fake rudraksha. You can catch this difference only with a 10x lens. But these tests are not full proof. This way, a CT scan or X-Ray of rudraksha can be 100% accurate but is very expensive. So, it is recommended to buy rudraksha from a reliable and trusted supplier.

Scientific Technique

X-Ray is the technique to see the inner structure of beads without damaging them. You can conduct digital x-ray without complications from 1 to 9 mukhi rudrakshas. For higher mukhis, it may not be 100% accurate because of inner seeds.

CT scan is another method but it is very costlier than x-ray. It gives clearer results than x-ray. X-ray and CT scan are costly to identify rudraksha but it gives accurate and clear results.

Consider the Qualities

You need to avoid beads which are light, shaped weirdly, have very dry surface, and have broken surface. You should look for Rudraksha which is bright, heavy, shapely and beautiful and emit positive vibes. You should beware of suppliers in India and Nepal which offer counterfeit beads as part of trade practices and it is just a part of business. Small parts of rudraksha are glued on four or five lines and leave just deep line. It can show up other lines in different colors when glue softens. Pieces chip off on regular wear and tear.

Place bead in Nitrous Oxide liquid so it melts sophisticated glues. Fake beads are often made of cork, wood, gum or from type of clay. It is important to have expert’s touch and vision to identify real Rudraksha. There are different variations in beads. It is always wise to buy beads from authentic sources.

Why Buy Rudraksha from us?

All of the Rudrakshas have been certified and authorized by the experienced and highly skilled pandits from Maharishi Parashar Jyotish Vigyan Vidyamandir, which is completely secret and we cannot reveal our methods to common public. This is the reason we provide 100% benefits of Rudraksha.  We are the authorized and reliable suppliers of genuine and 100% authentic rudraksha.


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