Shree Akarshan Yantra

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So you want to attract people, clients or love interest in your life?

You can place and worship Shree Akarshan Yantra to attract people in your life. This yantra is really very powerful for attraction and it builds positive aura of worshipper in a way that he or she can attract all the people around and they will start liking them and having good intention towards them.

What does Akarshan yantra do?

As a powerful talisman, this yantra can improve the overall charm of those who wear it so they can become a likeable person and center of attraction by the ones who are around them.

This yantra is really very effective to bring love and affection in your life and it can attract people of opposite sex towards you. It improves the power of affection and love by improving the energy of mind so they can easily impress all the people around. You can use this yantra to bring your lost love back in life or it can attract someone in your life that you have desired or dreamed of. You can also use this yantra to allure and draw someone towards your life.

Note – Please keep in mind that one cannot use this yantra to harm someone or with any bad intensions. In that case, it can have adverse effects on the person using it.

How to energize Akarshan Yantra?

We deliver Shree Akarshan Yantra to our clients which are energized and purified by our Guruji by following proper rituals according to ancient Vedic scriptures. So, you can place it directly in your puja altar.

If you wish, you can also energize it on your own. Follow these steps –

  • After taking bath, wash the yantra with water and wipe it with soft clean cloth on Friday morning.
  • Install it at the place of worship with full faith and pure heart.
  • Kindle some incense and light a lamp.

Recite the following beej mantra –

” Akarshay Mahadevi Rang Mam Priyam Hey Tripure 
   Devdeveshi Tubhyam Dasyami Yachitam “

Day to install – Friday

Deity – Venus

Direction of placement – South East

Note – Design of this yantra may vary a bit from the image. We constantly upgrade this yantra according to expert guidance of our certified gurus to make it more effective with time.


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